Not So Thin in My Skin

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All my life I have been very petite in stature, ever tall and always small in size. I have also at some point always been involved with some sort of physical activity, whether it was dance lessons as a young child, athletics in middle and high school, or regular fitness and exercise on my own as a young adult. It wasn’t until moving to Denver, Colorado at 25 that I began to pick up weight for the first time in my life. I was living the life in Denver with family and newly found friends, eating out all the time with little to no exercise anywhere in site. After living there for two years, I picked up about 15/20 pounds the ladder of my years living there. As I was beginning my departure and headed on vacation to DC, I knew something had to change. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and as we walked and walked the streets of DC I became tired and winded very quickly. I was pictured in photos and as I looked back at them, I wasn’t the least bit pleased at what I was seeing. Shortly after the return of my trip, I moved back home to sweet ole’ Alabama and got on the ball and lost the 20 pounds within 2-3 months of exercise. I was happy again and felt great.

Fast-forward a few years to 2015 at the age of 31. This was a rough year for me emotionally and began my journey to physically unhappiness. I was diagnosed as being bipolar and began oral medication treatment midway through the year. After being on the medication for several months, my psychiatrist and I decided to try the shot version of my medication to see how I would do with it and to see if it would help balance my moods more since I often forgot/ or opted not to take my medication as I was suppose to. In June of 2015, I started my first dose of the shot and by July of 2015 I had gained 20 pounds. I did not notice right away the amount I had gained nor did I pay much attention to it or give it much thought for the next several months to come as I continue to gain weight. By the time I had gotten up to 150 pounds I began to suspect that my medicine was making me gain weight so I began working out more and trying to watch my diet, but the pounds kept coming despite my efforts to defeat it. Before I knew it I was up to 175 pounds. I was miserable and depressed. I decided enough was enough and made an appointment with my General Practitioner and told her what was going on with me. She ran a ton of tests, all of which came back negative. So I laid low and decided to grind in the gym and try it that way. After 3 months of busting my butt in the gym and seeing not even a single loss of a pound, but gaining almost ¬†another 20, I went into a rut. ¬†I began eating whatever I wanted to because I was already overweight, couldn’t fit any of my medium t-shirts or workout pants. Even my underwear and bras were to small for me to fit into. It was almost like a workout to take a shower and get dressed at this point and I had had just about enough. I had gained another 20 pounds and was now in the 190s, so I decided that I was going to go back to the doctor and see what was going on with my body. We ran more tests and again nothing came of any of them. But this time my doctor agreed with me and we knew something was wrong and were determined not to give up without answers. Low and behold we found them. Some ingredient in the shot I was on caused my prolactin hormone levels to increase which in turn caused my weight to increase, and my metabolism to decrease making it almost impossible for me to lose the weight. My levels were over 5 times the normal limit at the time of my tests one year after being off of the medicine. There is no telling what my levels were while I was actually on the medicine. Your prolactin levels should be between 3-23 mg and mine were 102.3 mg one year after being off of the medication. I am now dealing with the after affects of this drug, after telling my psychiatrist over and over that I was gaining weight because of this medicine and her not listening to me. I have learned so many lessons from this experience. The first one being speak up for yourself LOUDLY until you are heard especially when your health is at risk. I am so grateful that this was a non-life threatening incident and that I was never in any danger, but the extra 67 pounds I have gained throughout all of this has really put a strain on my body physically and also on me mentally. Going from 137 to 204 in two years has truly changed my life. I often times feel I will never live in my old body again and that I will never lose the weight and that saddens me. But I know I have to remain positive and confident and beat this. I cannot let the devil defeat me in this battle. I have a new road to travel and I intend to see it through.

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How bad do you want it?

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Very inspirational Video


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